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Manon Vasterd

Date: 04/09/2023

On the beautiful island of Curaçao, I was fortunate enough to have met an exceptional diving instructor and guide. With his impressive 22 years of experience as an instructor, his expertise and skill is undeniable. But what really sets him apart is his personal approach. He gives personal attention, which contributes to the feeling of safety and confidence underwater. He takes into account the current diving conditions and any insecurities that divers may feel, a testament to his commitment to ensuring that everyone feels at ease. In addition, his in-depth knowledge of Curaçao's underwater world is unrivalled. Every dive is an adventure full of discoveries, thanks in part to his ability to reveal the unknown and wondrous of the ocean. He really sees the smallest objects, super cool. In conclusion, if you are ever lucky enough to come and dive in Curaçao, and you want a guide who not only has extensive knowledge, but also really cares about your experience, then Rico is highly recommended!
[translated from Dutch]

Paul De Keijzer

Date: 30/08/2023

Today I did an introductory dive with Rico, for me the first time. Rico guided me very well and gave me an unforgettable dive, I recommend him very much, maybe until next time Rico....
[translated from Dutch]

Rowenna Goudsblom

Date: 29/08/2023

Late 2022, I completed my Padi Open Water with Rico , very nice the 1-on-1 diving course. If I had trouble with an exercise, Rico took all the time and attention to reassure me and give me the confidence that I would succeed. A super dive instructor! In 2023 I was back on Curaçao and made some great dives with Rico to gain more experience including an evening dive, top experience.
[translated from Dutch]


Date: 29/08/2023

I did my 2nd instructional dive with Rico. This time at Tugbaybeach. Rico comes across as calm and self-assured, takes all the time you need and makes sure everything is clear before you start the dive. He also keeps an eye on everything underwater. If I consider getting my PADI, he will be my instructor.
[translated from Dutch]

Jeroen Tellings

Date: 28/08/2023

I did my rescue with Rico and he is the best instructor I have had lessons from. Calm, professional and sociable. Then went diving with Rico more often and my wife is also going for her rescue with Rico. Top instructor.
[translated from Dutch]

Eric Deijkers

Date: 27/08/2023

Passed my PADI OW 10 days ago with Rico Troost. What struck me most about Rico is that, despite having done this hundreds of times before, he has a very personal approach, tailored to the course participant. Rico understands very well that everyone is different. They were fun diving days. I liked it so much that I will return to Curaçao in 3 months time for my Advanced OW. Again with Rico, of course. An absolute gem that Rico

[translated from Dutch]

Rian van Strien

Date: 16/08/2023

I am 60 years old and I did the Open Water Diver course with Rico during my Curaçao holiday this summer. I knew beforehand that I would be a bit nervous and I was able to discuss this with Rico. He has a lot of experience and people skills and we decided to do the course in four days instead of three days and at a slower pace. We went to the most beautiful dive sites and did a total of eight dives. I am proud to have obtained my PADI OW and I am glad I did this with Rico. A top instructor! I'll be back soon for a follow-up!

Cheers: Rian van Strien
[translated from Dutch]

Jolijn van de Kar (jolijn02)

I was in Curaçao for 4 weeks and did my PADI Open water, PADI Advanced, and PADI Nitrox all with Rico. He is a very likeable guy and a good dive instructor. He makes a lot of effort to get to know you so that your dive is as fun and good as possible. Due to a car accident, I was unable to dive for a few days; he rearranged his entire schedule for me so that I could still get my certificates. Besides being a diving instructor, Rico is also a top-notch guy you can have a good laugh with and talk to. He even went through the trouble to take me back to the airport! Thank you Rico! I'll come back soon for other dive courses! Definitely recommend!
[translated from Dutch]

Verena Beijer

During our Curaçao holiday, we dived with Rico several times. Rico is a professional dive instructor/guide. We always felt safe and well taken care of. Personally, Rico is an absolutely lovely and likeable person who is fluent in Dutch, English and German, as well as a few other languages. With Rico, the dives were always a calm, relaxed and special experience. Stress is a foreign concept to him, he takes enough time for each diver/diving student. The equipment is up-to-date and very well maintained. Diving with Rico on Curaçao is highly recommended. We would love to come back.

Cheers Hans en Verena
[translated from Dutch]